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Why Choose Preactor?
Over the last 20 years of implementing advanced planning and scheduling tools around the world, one thing that comes over loud and clear to us and our partners is that each company they visit has different ideas of what they want from the solution, what data they want to see, what pain points they want to cure, what planning and scheduling objectives they have and what scheduling rules they want to use.

ark.png It’s never a case that ‘one size fits all’ in planning and scheduling solutions.

It is for this reason that right from square one when Preactor was released in 1993 we have endeavoured to provide BOTH ‘out of the box’ vertical solutions for specific industries which need little, if any, customisation, AND provide ways to customize Preactor so that it fits the user’s data rather than the customer having to change their data to fit Preactor.

agt_family.png Also we have a family of scheduling solutions each with the same code set but with different price points and feature sets.

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Custom Demo

Screen.png One way to do that is to ask the vendor to provide a demonstration of the solution based on your data, your resources, your orders, your routing and your process constraints. Of course you cannot expect a complete solution up front but at least you should get covered some of the key functionality that you want to see.

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Case Studies

Briefcase.png Another thing that should be done is look at the number of cases studies available on the vendor’s web site and make an assessment of the range of production environments that these cases studies cover. The wider the range, the more flexible the solution is likely to be.

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Partners and Support

testimonials.png Also have a look at the partner list that the vendor has. Best of Breed products have the largest number of partners because partners have heard great things about it and have seen for themselves its performance in one or more companies. Also see how widely spread those partners are. Are they only located in English speaking countries? If you are a multinational company you may need local support and run the product in other languages.

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User Groups

User-Group.png Lastly how many user groups does the vendor have? Are they regular? Are they multi-national? This might give you an indication of the installed base and the penetration in more than one country.

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Make Your Choice

Having done all of this you will be in a much better position to make your choice.

One SIZE does not FIT ALL

We have 'out of the box' solutions BUT we also have the FLEXIBILITY when you need it.


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