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SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Standard
SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Standard uses order based scheduling to which the user can apply a ranking or weighting in order to prioritise the orders. It schedules based on availability of resources, additional constraints and the materials required for the order. During the scheduling process SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Standard can take in to account different operation run speeds on different resources, use sequence dependent changeover times based on operation attributes and allow overlaps and slack time between operations.

Product Features
  • Multi-constraint scheduling (primary, secondary and materials)
  • Material consumption at order level
  • Static FIFO pegging rule
  • In software table and field renaming
  • In software grid view and dialog design
  • Full PIO functionality
  • PESP with Custom Actions to run external code
  • Mid batch update (display only)
  • Attribute based simple setup times
  • Flexible Order Routing
  • ‘Order at a Time’ scheduling (including weighting rule)
  • 12 re-nameable spare fields for attributes.
  • Transfer batching and Slack Times

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