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OEM Products

A number of ERP companies provide SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling as a module or add-on to their product.  We refer to these as OEM products, which have a sub-set of features and functionality.

To determine whether an OEM version of SIMATIC IT Preactor AS is suitable for your application, it’s important that you ask your vendor which version of SIMATIC IT Preactor the OEM is equivalent to. In addition, OEM versions are fixed in terms of their data fields, menus and data structures.  This allows the ERP Company to provide an off-the-shelf link to the SIMATIC IT Preactor AS database without further customisation. If you want to be able to change and customise SIMATIC IT Preactor AS for your application, you will be limited to the available features on your OEM version.

For more flexibility you will need to upgrade your OEM version to a standard SIMATIC IT Preactor product. This can be done through an accredited the SIMATIC IT Preactor Partner.