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These brochures include general information about Preactor and its products, how Preactor links to and adds value to ERP systems, how Preactor helps you to become leaner, and the benefits/ROI experienced by our users.

Sector Fliers
These brochures focus on specific business sectors.  Each one describes the type of company where Preactor is currently used, some excerpts from Preactor case studies and testimonials from users in this sector.

Complementary Product Fliers
These brochures focus on specific ERP or MES systems.  Each one describes how Preactor is linked to the product, some excerpts from Preactor case studies where Preactor is used with this product and testimonials from users.

White Papers
These are documents that describe general information on and issues surrounding the subject of Planning and Scheduling.

Better on-time, in-full, delivery performance is almost a given from advanced planning and scheduling software, able to quickly and dynamically schedule and re-schedule production orders.
The addition of Preactor can take a manufacturer’s ERP package into another league without disturbing the existing functionality of their system.
Lean manufacturing represents a cultural change at all levels of a company. Its prime objective is to eliminate waste, whatever form that takes.
PI’s business model is based primarily on channel selling. More than 90% of Preactor systems are sold through the channel by Partners such as ERP vendors, SFDC, MES and other software distributors, consultancies and system implementers.
A powerful and cost effective methodology for designing a Preactor Solution.
Preactor is a functionally rich product that has been developed over 16 years. To get the best from your application, thorough training is a sound investment.
Preactor 12 offers a number of new features and functions that further enhances your Preactor system.
Preactor offers a family of applications ranging from mid and long term capacity planning to detailed scheduling and is translated into more than 30 languages.
Master Production Scheduling (MPS) is a key part of the MRP process that you run within your ERP system. The input to your MPS will be your future customer demand so it will typically be made up of a mixture of actual sales orders and your forecast demand.
Preactor APS is a family of products.Although all Preactor advanced scheduling products are based on exactly the same core code, they have different levels of functionality and price points so that the user can select the version that meets their specific needs and the budget available.
Join the Preactor Elite User Club and benefit from discount on your annual maintenance fees.
Preactor is a range of advanced planning and scheduling software for manufacturers and is part of the Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) product portfolio.
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