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Preactor Announces On-going Rollout in the Nicholl Group
Thursday, May 24, 2012
Successful French implementation follows solid results from
UK-based Nicholl Food Packaging

The Preactor Group, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions for over 20 years, today announced that Nicholl Food Packaging has successfully extended its Preactor implementation into the company’s French facility. Implementation is now also successfully underway into the company’s German operation.

This decision to roll out Preactor into other companies within the group follows the highly successful implementation at the UK manufacturing site by Kudos Solutions, one of the most experienced UK Preactor partners. Key savings in the UK include cutting raw materials from 3-4 weeks average with a peak of 6 weeks down to only 1-2 weeks and reducing stock levels of some finished goods from over 3 months’ worth to less than 3 weeks’ worth.

A key element of the Preactor rollout is ensuring the UK, French and German facilities can take advantage of the new Material Explorer which provides the ability to interrogate the entire supply chain to easily identify material shortages or production delays caused by, for example, non-available, later or surplus materials. Jeff Johnson is Managing Director of Kudos Solutions and comments on the on-going rollout of Preactor throughout the Nicholl Group. “The UK implementation was the proof of concept about how Preactor’s advanced production planning and scheduling technology could benefit a business with the unique challenges faced by the group. As such it was watched very closely throughout the group so when Preactor started delivering complete visibility across the UK facility as well as generating considerable cost and time savings, it was a natural decision for it to be rolled out to other plants within the group.”

NFP is also an active part of the development program for the Preactor 400 GMPS (Graphical Master Planning Scheduling) project, a new planning solution to be launched jointly by Preactor International and Kudos Solutions. Preactor 400 GMPS offers unparalleled flexibility for demand and capacity planning, especially for larger companies in the food and FMCG sector requiring accurate and timely responses to fluctuations in forecast demand. Preactor GMPS is scheduled for final release in Q3 2012.

Valerie Goulevitch is Global Marketing Director for Preactor and she comments on the significance of the rollout program. “We are delighted by the latest successful implementation of Preactor within the Nicholl Group as well as the on-going rollout of Preactor. We are increasingly finding larger groups of companies implementing Preactor in one site, proving the ability to deliver substantial benefits and then rolling it out to other facilities. Our ability to roll out a global solution but using local expertise is precisely what many larger companies are requiring and is one of the many reasons for our growing success.”

About Kudos Solutions
Kudos Solutions was established in 1990 and became a Preactor reseller in 1994. Based in South Leicestershire, the company is a Preactor® Gold Solution Provider as well as a member of the Preactor Hall of Fame. While the majority of Kudos Solutions’ customers are in the FMCG market, the company has customers from a wide selection of manufacturing industries throughout the UK and in Europe.