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DOP Gestion and Preactor prove their compatibility with the luxury market by announcing a common solution and the signing up of Erbas, a Swiss watchmaking company
Thursday, January 24, 2013
Preactor, world leader in planning and scheduling solutions, today announced the signing up of a new customer, Erbas SA, in its Swiss market as well as the launch of an integrated ERP and scheduling offer with its partner DOP Gestion.

Erbas SA, located in Mendrisio, Switzerland, is an independent company working in precision engineering since 1947. Since 1973 it has specialized in the field of high-end watchmaking by designing and producing "spreading" clasps and watch cases in gold and steel alloys, as well as jewels.

Erbas SA has used ERP DOPG Prod since 1999 and wished to set up a complementary tool to manage the scheduling of its production more intricately in order to meet the ever shorter deadlines imposed by its customers and to optimize its industrial computing.

Mr Pesenti, Managing Director of Erbas SA, explains the choice of Preactor: “The choice to integrate Preactor into our organization was motivated on the one hand by the functional capabilities of the software package to cover our numerous needs for detailed scheduling of our production method (hourly basis), while on the other hand by the ease of integration with the software package ERP DOPG Prod already in use within the company. The objectives agreed by the management of Erbas SA for using Preactor are centered around the reliability of delivery deadlines, plus the functional optimization of production methods and our loads and capacities."

Patrick Fleury, founder of DOP Gestion, adds: "The decision to distribute Preactor in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and to integrate it into our software package DOPG Prod ERP to allow full communication functionality between the two solutions was motivated by:
- The excellent functionality of Preactor in the fields of planning and scheduling;
- The relevance of the information dealt with, answering all the requirements of our customers including factory watchmakers, dressing watchmakers, precision engineering, mechanics, machine tools, screw-machining and so on;
- The professionalism and the strong technical skill level of the Preactor team in planning and scheduling and its implementation.

“All these elements represent real assets for our company and for our customers, with the assurance of the evolution capabilities required to manage the resources of the company in the best way.”

Thierry Faguet, Operations Manager of Preactor Europe, concludes: "The watchmaking and luxury sector is a strategic market for Preactor. We have several projects already underway. The partnership with DOP may be recent, but we share the same values. A synergy was developed quickly between our two companies which led to the signing up of Erbas SA - a real feather in our cap in the field of watchmaking - and the provision of a common offer dedicated to this business sector.”

About Preactor International

Preactor International is a world leader in production planning and scheduling software used by a wide range of businesses. Frequently integrated with ERP, MES and Supply Chain Management solutions, Preactor’s breakthrough technology is used by more than 4,000 small, medium and large multinational companies located in 75 countries.

Preactor has established partnerships with more than 400 companies located around the world to provide local expertise to support the implementation of the solution for each company. These 1000+ accredited professionals offer a key resource working closely with users to ensure each company’s unique requirements are met.

The current trends in manufacturing are towards lowering inventory levels to reduce costs yet still being able to respond to shorter lead times to satisfy customer demand. Preactor offers a family of applications ranging from mid- and long-term capacity planning to detailed scheduling and is translated into over 30 languages.

Preactor International celebrates its 21st anniversary this year.

About DOP Gestion

DOP management is a competency centre in organization and management of companies, specializing since 1994 in the development, marketing and implementation of innovative CAM / ERP systems. DOP Gestion is distributing Preactor solutions and is also integrating Preactor into its solution to offer its customers a complete answer to their needs.

Its flagship product, DOPG Prod, is an integrated and modular management package, intended for the management and analysis of the flows of information of the commercial, productive, and logistic sectors as well as and the finance officer of the company. Developed on the basis of an innovative concept of "Triangulation ERP", it is characterized by the standardization of its data structures and functionalities to make it understandable by all. Supported by an experience built during numerous years and on numerous sites, the DOPG Prod solution represents the guarantee of a fast, progressive and successful ERP integration.

The use of DOPG Prod brings a new view and better control of the information to make real time analysis and revitalize decisions.