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About Preactor International
Preactor International, PI, is a Siemens' company based in the UK. First formed in 1984 the company is the #1 company specializing in advanced planning and production scheduling software and, through its partnerships with other software vendors and system suppliers, offers implementation and software support all over the world.

Its flagship product, Preactor, was developed during an extensive joint development project (FORCAST, Flexible Operational Real-time Control And Scheduling Tools) under the European EUREKA initiative during the period 1988-1993. Now in version 11, this suite of scaleable, flexible and configurable advanced planning and production scheduling tools has become the price/performance leader in every market in which it has a presence, and is setting the standard by which other packages are measured.

More than 4,500 companies in 88 countries now use Preactor in almost every business sector. From manufacturing to logistics, staff scheduling to airports.

Each year a considerable proportion of its revenues are committed to research and development. PI's extensive development programme is designed to ensure that existing users are kept up to date with the latest effective and proven technologies and have a cost of ownership that enables wider use of the product throughout their enterprise.

In 2005 PI expanded its operations through the formation of Preactor Software India. Based in Bangalore this company has focussed its attention on the Asian market and will provide additional resources for non-core software development as well as implementation support around the world.

In 2008 Preactor Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary based in Lyon, France was formed. This company focuses on continental European countries and help expand the network of partners based there.

2010 saw Preactor set up Preactor North America, a wholly owned subsidiary based in Dallas, TX.   The company focuses on supporting its network of partners in Canada, USA  and Mexico.

2012 was a very busy year in the expansion of The Preactor Group.  Preactor Europe opened its Spanish office in Barcelona. The Preactor Group opened its South American office in Vittoria, Brazil. Late in the year a Representative Office was formed in Suzhou, China.

Key Dates in Preactor’s History

1984    Formation of Hawker Siddeley Factory Automation Systems with Mike Novels as the manager.

1988    Started the FORCAST (Flexible Operational Real-time Control And Scheduling Tools) project with funding from UK and other International Governments under the EUREKA scheme

1989    Joint Venture with Logica – The CIMulation Centre – focus on simulation software and consulting.

1990    The CIMulation Centre Ltd – wholly owned subsidiary of Hawker Siddeley Group – Managing Director Mike Novels, Technical Director Graham Hackwell.

1992    Hawker Siddeley acquired by BTR (later merged with Siebe and became Invensys)

1992    Management Buy-out from BTR led by Mike Novels.  Other Directors Graham Hackwell, Zena Wren.

1993    FORECAST project complete, first version of Preactor released.

1997    Formation of Preactor Inc. In the USA

1999    The CIMulation Centre Ltd changed name to Preactor International Ltd

2002    Passed 1,000 customers of Preactor

2005    Formation of Preactor Software India

2006    Passed 2,000 customers

2008    Formation of Preactor Europe in Lyon

2009    Passed 3,000 customers

2010    Released Preactor 11

2010    Formation of Preactor North America

2011    Passed 3,500 customers

2011    Introduced a free version of Preactor, Preactor Express

2012    Passed 4,000 customers (excluding Preactor Express)

2012    Renamed holding company to The Preactor Group.

2012    Opened offices in Barcelona, Spain, Vittoria, Brazil and Suzhou, China.

2013    Aquired by Siemens.